All it takes is one really good idea. But getting that one really good idea takes a team. Our creative direction and marketing solutions are designed to help you and your team generate the best, most unique, creative direction for your brand so that you ultimately stand out above the virtual noise.



Idealist. Dreamer. Romanticist. Clueless

With a creative mind, comes endless ideas. But which to act on? This creative direction consult can be your opportunity to pull apart your ideas and apply them to your content marketing, branding or business direction to ensure you are taking the best course of action to bring in more customers. 

This consult is ideal for:

  • Brand new businesses ready to launch their products to the world.
  • Creatives unsure how to launch their new collection or product.
  • Creatives overwhelmed with ‘busy’ and not seeing an increase in customers and profits.
  • Businesses with a stagnant online presence, struggling to increase followers and engagement.
  • Creatives with many ideas on what to do next but unable to commit to one, hence feeling stuck.

What’s included:

  • 1 hour consultation via Skype. 

Price: $197 + GST

Additional travel charges apply if you request in-person over Skype. 


Private Intensive

Social media. Blogs. Podcasts. Talks. Ebooks. Apps.

Creating valuable, unmissable content could be the missing ingredient to your marketing efforts. We work with you to create an unique approach to your content marketing so that it doesn’t get lost amongst the chaos, as well as a strong focus on producing mobile-friendly content. Because let’s be real, who can’t live without their smartphones?

This custom workshop is ideal for:

  • Small businesses seeking growth via social media.
  • Creatives, business owners and those who want a stronger personal brand established via influencer marketing.
  • Companies looking to expand their reach online.
  • Businesses with beautiful branding, but lacking consistency and poor loyalty from followers.
  • Businesses looking to expand or franchise.
  • Businesses with blogs that are not getting traction or slow-building email lists.

What’s included:

  • 3 hour workshop located in beautiful Torquay, Victoria. Note: we can come to you at extra cost. 
  • Lunch. A divine, hearty one. Plus a martini (it’s part of the recipe to success).
  • Fully designed, comprehensive Content Marketing Manual for you and your team to refer to moving forward. 
  • A follow up call (approx one month post workshop) to review your progress and implementation of the new direction. 

We tailor this workshop to suit you. It’s all about you, for you and with you. 

BONUS: Half-price off our signature online program, The Rebrand!

Price: $1997 + GST

[or $2499 + GST with The Rebrand.]

*Additional travel charges apply if you are unable to come to Torquay. 

*Please note this is for up to 3 staff maximum. If you require extra staff to attend, please contact us for a custom quote.


Digital Marketing

The first impression grabs their attention. The next impression is when they decide if they like you or not.

Incredible content is what we like to call the ‘ice-breaker’ of online communications. It’s the conversation that follows that really turns passerbys into lifelong friends. Our approach to digital marketing is not to ignore the humans behind the screens – stats and data are incredibly helpful, but not be-all-end-all. We tie your brand values, purpose and ambition to the hard stats and weave them together to create an unforgettable experience for your customers.

Converting Content is ideal for:

  • Small businesses seeking more sales via social media.
  • Creatives, business owners and those who want to capitalise on inbound marketing to increase sales.
  • Companies looking to expand their reach quickly online.
  • Businesses launching a campaign to promote their new product. 
  • Businesses looking to expand or franchise.
  • Businesses with blogs that are not getting traction or slow-building email lists.
  • Those looking to sell out their next event.

Our team can help you with:

  • Facebook Advertising set up and management. 
  • Instagram Advertising set up and management.
  • SEO set up and management.
  • Detailed digital marketing planning and manuals.
  • Email marketing set up and management. 
  • Customer service and communications advice. 

Rather sit by the pool while we create for you?

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