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We work with brands closely to elevate their exposure online using the power of influencers. We help you to connect to a new audience through influencers on Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, blogs and more.

81% of consumers are known to frequently buy the items they’ve seen being shared on social media.

Based on insights from a Bloglovin' study, a $5000 budget could net you a reach of 200,000 Instagram followers, 125,000 Facebook users 315,000 Twitter users or 315,000 blog subscribers.

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Work with us to elevate your next Influencer Marketing campaign.

99.3% of Influencers use Instagram as their main platform for influencer campaigns.


We work closely with our talent to define and develop their career aspirations and partner them with like-minded brands. Our kind, passionate and dedicated talent are available for strategic partnerships with sponsors and brands, including media and endorsement opportunities, social media, public relations and media campaigns, speaking engagements and personal appearances.

Only 24% of Influencers accept more than 50% of the offers they receive from brands.

84% of Micro-Influencers charge less than $250 per branded Instagram post.

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While shopping at a store, 60% of consumers have been influenced by a social media post or a blog review, according to the Collective Bias Study.

Are you an influencer living in Australia, with an online audience of over 1500 and want to work with brands?

Become a Sage influencer today at no cost to you. We’ll partner you with brands you want to work with.

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