People call me Kate.

Sometimes ‘Holks’. But never Katie.

I make marketing campaigns for a living. I think strategy can be sexy and words can be lethal, and combining them makes you a force to be reckoned with.

I believe the quickest way forward is in the arms of a women squad. I also believe that red wine looking like blood isn’t a coincidence.

I love salt, but dislike olives. I love words, but dislike talking. I love uncomfortable truths, but dislike admitting my mistakes.

I don’t want to talk about your ideas. I want to help you do them.

Here you'll find about 80% marketing advice, 24.54% irreverent ramblings, 18.08% (un)necessary commentary on influencers and a 100% stocked liquor cabinet.

(Maths isn't my strongest suit, but I was Dux of Psychology at my high school. So there's that.)

I don't smudge sage here.

Nor do I leave crystals out every full moon. Or add kale to my smoothies. I do however drink an espresso or 3 while I write and teach about marketing, especially influencer marketing. 

10 years ago I graduated as an Occupational Therapist. I spent the next few years working in mental health (I didn’t get my Dux for nothing) before realising I needed a creative outlet for my own sanity. I launched a blog, became an ‘influencer’ before it even was a thing, and made a living off my writing. I was nominated for Kidspot Blog of the Year, I co-produced and starred in a pilot online TV show, I launched and relaunched multiple programs. I ran workshops in Melbourne, Byron Bay and Sydney. You name it, I’ve done it. And from doing absolutely everything and making it work, I learned A LOT about marketing. A LOT. 

Then I decided to have kids so I took a step back and launched House of Sage as an Influencer Marketing Agency. I brokered deals for influencers with some big brands like Bugaboo, Westfield, Mecca Cosmetica, Tommee Tippee, Thank You Group and The Skincare Company.  I coordinated campaigns for small businesses trying to break through the crowded social media world. I grew a database of over 3000 influencers called the Sage Network. And now, I have rekindled the blog to teach you how to do it all on your own too. 

Now I still do all that. And still somehow keep the kids alive. Come on in, mind the lego.

I've worked with these guys:

A list that hopefully makes you like me.

  1. I’m not married. And have no plans to.
  2. I have 2 kids.
  3. That’s commitment enough.
  4. My hearing sucks. That’s what happens when you get meningitis at 10 months of age and almost fry your brain. 
  5. I’m an excellent lip reader. You bet I’ll bust you lip syncing the wrong lyrics. 
  6. I live in Torquay with Tim, our 2 kids and 2 dogs. The Great Ocean Road makes for an excellent drive when the kids refuse to sleep.
  7. Tim designed our house. He does that for a living.
  8. I get bored easily. 
  9. Any UK crime drama is alright in my books.
  10. I wish Jack Reacher was real. 
  11. If I hurt myself growing up, my mum would just treat me like one of her patients. She’s a vet. 
  12. I once got told off by a netball umpire for ‘glaring’ at her. She threatened to send me off the court. Unfortunately, it seems this trait is the only thing my daughter inherited from me. 
  13. Human behaviour fascinates me. Like, WHY DO WE ALL NOD AND LAUGH WHEN WE PRETEND TO HEAR OTHERS. I’m just glad I’m not the only one that does it. 
  14. 8 is my favourite number. 3 is a close second. 
  15. If you tell me your name, I won’t remember it. But if I read it, I’ll never forget it.
  16. Almond milk cappuccino please.
  17. Margarita, Espresso Martini and Pina Colada. Yum.
  18. I think all mums are superheroes.
  19. I also think all mums deserve a million bucks, a babysitter on call and a coffee machine. 
  20. Parenting is hard.
  21. Maternity leave is hard.
  22. I hope we can meet one day. 
  23. I hope you subscribe to the blog today.
  24. I hope you treat yourself everyday.

Let's get influential!

Hi! I’m Kate! This is my home where you’ll find about 80% marketing advice, 24.54% irreverent ramblings, 18.08% (un)necessary commentary on influencers and a 100% stocked liquor cabinet (yes, I passed Maths. Just). 

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