How the Belmont Hotel used an Ambassador to success

Hear what the owner has to say about her experience.

We’re seeing a positive shift towards longer term partnerships between brands and influencers. While individual campaigns and one-off content posts are still popular, brands are starting to switch on to the benefits of employing influencers in ambassador style roles that have been usually reserved for celebrities.

The Belmont Hotel is one such business who has jumped on board this trend. Hiring Geelong Footballer, Cory Gregson, and his partner Lil McAvaney, was a key factor in the successful relaunch of the newly refurbished Belmont Hotel.

Read on to hear what Bec, the owner of Belmont Hotel, has to say about the experience:

What Bec from the Belmont Hotel had to say:

Why were you interested in an ambassador in the first place?

I was interested in joining forces with an Ambassador to help market our brand, generate business and increase exposure on social media.

Why did you choose Lil to be your ambassador?

Lil McAvaney came highly and after doing some research we felt she was the perfect candidate to represent our business and brand.

Lil’s is bubbly and outgoing and a person that could bring a personality and human face to our name. Lil has a broad network of friends and social media followers and we felt she could assist us in targeting a new demographic and assist in promoting our brand.

What has been a noticeable outcome from having an ambassador? How did it help?

Having an Ambassador certainly helped with exposure and to bringing new clientele into the business. It helped create a broader audience on social media and by word of mouth.

You had a launch party: was this a success? What was your objective behind it?

Our launch party was a huge success and certainly put us back on the Geelong map.  It helped create a buzz and hype around the venue which had been lacking in previous years.  Local’s came back to the hotel and new patrons were eager to visit and find out what all the hype was about.

Would you recommend other hospitality businesses to have an ambassador? What would be your advice for them?

I would definitely recommend other hospitality venues to look into having an Ambassador.  The only advice I would give is to make sure the Ambassador fits the vision of the business and can interact and promote their brand to the type of clientele the business is looking for.


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