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It ain’t as simple as it looks (the post where I compare influencer marketing to landscaping)

You know what’s hard? Landscaping a backyard.

Call me Naive Neve but honestly, I didn’t think it would take 5 months just to get a retainer wall up and the backyard levelled. We’re talking basic canvas level here. 

We haven’t even started on the plants yet. Or the fruit trees that will probably die in our clay-laden soil but I like vodka, lime and soda and Tim likes mojitos so we need that damn lime tree. 

OR the nice path that will lead to an entertaining area for a) food to be consumed, b) sun to be baked in (safely of course), c) stories to be swapped and d) mama to spike her soda water while daddy plays with the kids because mama deserves a break.

Or the kids area, with a sandpit (for the love of margaritas, please don’t turn into a dog poop pit, PLEASE), some ridiculous tall cubby house thing that grandma just has to buy for xmas (joking mum, THEY’LL LOVE IT. So will my anxiety.) and maybe a mud kitchen thing because MESS IS LEARNING GUYS.

So yes, literally 5 months to get the bare minimum done. You look at it and think that’s it? That’s what you’ve accomplished in 5 months?

And I nod and say yep, looks like nothing BUT you don’t know what really had to be done.

Like, the proper drainage to ensure that water doesn’t run from the house next door (designed by an idiot, should have hired Tim.) to underneath our house and cause us MORE damage (it’s a sore point.)

The digging and the pouring and the moving of dirt and concrete for the retaining walls. 

The levelling, re-levelling, adding of top soil and more re-levelling.

The wait for the rain to stop because 2 weeks of rain crossed with clay-heavy soil is anything but fun.

It looks like easy work but it’s not.

Andddddd that’s the best analogy I can come up with for influencer marketing right now. 

Because everyone thinks influencer marketing is as easy as sending a nice little DM to an influencer saying ‘I’LL PAY YOU A LITTLE BIT TO PROMOTE MY SHIZ BECAUSE IT’S BEAUTIFUL AND HELPFUL AND YOU’D TOTES LOVE IT. And they’ll say yes, and they’ll promote it to their thousands of followers and boom, your sales go through the roof.

If only.

Influencer marketing looks simple, but it’s not. 

It needs to be treated like any other marketing campaign: start with the strategy, know your KPI’s, know your audience, find your influencers (the good ones, the hard to find unicorns), design your campaign, make your influencers sign an agreement (IMPORTANT), monitor your influencers, monitor your KPIs, evaluate, tweak, go again, evaluate, tweak, go again. 

IF that overwhelms you, sorry! But not sorry! All you need to do right now is to start at the VERY beginning. And that’s answering these questions:

  • WHO am I selling to?

  • WHAT am I selling? (hint: not the actual product/service, the RESULT of having that product/service)

  • WHICH influencer is loved and respected by my ideal target audience?

  • WHY would the influencer want to work with me? (hint #2: get your creative juices on!)

  • HOW will I know this campaign will work? (i.e what do I really want? More sales, more followers, more web visits?)

That’s your canvas/lawn/clay-heavy soil. Get that right and then you can build your swing- I mean, campaign.

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