We’ve shared a glass or two with a few people.

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Client: Renée Enright for Sass + Bide

Brief: Stylist week campaign shoot. (shoot was feautred on Sass + Bide’s homepage + in Australian newspapers)


Client: Emma Hawkins for Yellowglen

Brief: Sunset beach picnic photoshoot, content creation shoot.


Client: GT Magazine / Kirsten Clemens + Rhys Stanley

Brief: Front page and story feature in magazine.


Client: Sophie Cachia / The Young Mummy

Brief: Launching a new product and required shots for the website and social media. 


Client: Renée Enright

Brief: Sass + Bide Stylist Week, featuring Renée. Shots required for social media.


Client: Kristin Cosgrove Cooks

Brief: Product based business. Headshot and Product photos required for website. 

Strategic Assistance


Brief: Assist the online launch of new product-based business for popular blogger, Nadia Felsch. Included Social Media Strategy and Launch Campaign.

Notable outcomes: Garnered 2000+ Instagram followers within 5 months and confirmed 2+ wholesalers within 2 months of the Launch Campaign commencing.

Brief: New online training program for parents required Webinar and Facebook Advertising Training and assistance in developing an online launch.

Notable outcomes: Upskilled in webinars and Facebook Advertising requiring minimal support moving forward. Launch campaign currently underway.

Brief: Facebook Advertising set up and management for offline events.

Notable outcomes: Lowered CPC (cost per click) from $6.02 to $0.49.

Brief: Sustainable building designer requiring assistance with social media and website marketing.

Notable outcomes:Since implementation, has begun a 2-month wait list 


Client: Agency Iceberg

Brief: To capture #leadingladies to be a featured on their blog. 


Client: Cotton On Body x Renée Enright

Brief: In prep for a Cotton On Body event, Fashion Stylist Renée Enright photographed in Cotton On Body clothing.