Looking to go big on social?

Strategy is our catwalk and content is our statement.






We work with brands to elevate their social media, influencer and content marketing. We’re all about developing an authentic, genuine online community for brands and our recommendations are always tailored to your unique business. We may be known for our work with fashion and beauty brands but we work with businesses of all sizes, in all industries.


A 60 minute consultation used to gain complete understanding of your brand values, purpose and ultimate goals; and to develop the creative direction for your social media strategy. Following this, we will create a detailed Social Strategy Manual which will cover the following:
  • Overview of your brand’s core values, purpose and goals.
  • Customer profiling overview
  • Creative direction for your social media marketing (i.e. messaging, angle of promotion, and visual/aesthetic plan)
  • Customer service and communications advice
  • Recommended content schedule
  • How to integrate social media into your business.


We work with you in a 3 hour intensive workshop to create an unique approach to your brand and marketing so that it doesn’t get lost amongst the chaos. We will cover all marketing platforms (online and offline), deliverables and key marketing messages to help you reach your goal of increasing awareness of your brand. You will receive a fully designed, comprehensive Social Strategy ​Manual for you to refer to moving forward with an additional 3 Month Campaign timeline. Plus a follow up consultation with your team (approx one month post workshop) to review your progress and implementation of the new direction.


Looking for a longer term solution? Want to embed Kate into your team in a more semi-permanent basis? If you are looking to bring in an in-house social media and marketing consultant to your team, please contact Kate to discuss the possibility. 


Employing Influencers to take your campaign to a wider audience can be truly effective – if done right. We work with brands to find the right influencer for the right campaign. We can assist you to develop your own influencer marketing campaign or provide you with exceptional talent.

Striving to become a social media talent yourself? Then join us over at The Influencer – our dedicated platform to sharing all our knowledge and expertise in personal branding and content creation.