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The sparkly new list for becoming an influencer without being a douchebag.

The tactics may have changed, but the rules stay the same.

  1. Don’t be a dick.
  2. Don’t be a dick
  3. Don’t be a dick.
  4. Don’t be a dick.
  5. Don’t be a dick.
  6. Don’t ask for free things: There’s only so many articles I can handle about a restauranteur losing their marbles and banning all influencers from their restaurants. Just order the damn meal and pay for it. Plus, the reality is, there are plenty of small brands who are willing to collaborate with you and provide you with free things in exchange for posts. 
  7. Make time for your followers: ‘it’s all about engagement’ shouts every social media and influence marketer. It is, but damn we need a new catchphrase. Instagram has chosen to hide the number of likes so likes are socially redundant now (still important for brands to know but your rep ain’t going to be slaughtered by it). But we can still see comments. But even if you don’t bring that argument to the table, the point still remains: IT’S CALLED SOCIAL MEDIA FOR A REASON. It’s social guys. SOCIAL
  8. Charge accordingly: Not too high, not too low, just right. Use this as a guide. Side note: you can charge too much IF you want to price yourself out of things. Yes, you might want to do that. Read about that here. 
  9. Only say yes to brands that align with you:  Alright, alright, alright, just because BRAND offers you thousands of dollars to promote their PRODUCT but if you’re a TYPE blogger than *buzzer*, it ain’t going to work. Your followers will smell a sold out rat in an instant. And that will cost you a LOT more. 
  10. Leave Collabosaurus alone: That’s for brand-to-brand partnerships only. (Got your back Jess). 
  11. Ignore the gimmicks:  Like pods, giveaway buy-ins, follow/unfollow etc etc. Patience is painful but it’s a skill you need to develop when it comes to the influencer game. It will take time to build a community. All you need to do is show up. EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. 
  12. Don’t be a dick.
  13. Don’t be a dick.
  14. Don’t be a dick.
  15. Seriously, don’t be a dick.

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